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How does AP 24® work?

It whitens by gently exfoliating surface stains with a blend of hydrated silica and alumina. This combination accomplishes unprecedented results without the use of peroxide (bleach).

 It also coats the teeth with a patented formula that no other toothpaste has. This prevents stains from re-entering the small pores of the teeth. The toothpaste is only a 103 on the ADA abrasion scale (compare to Colgate Total Whitening at 142) so it's also super safe on your enamel.

 What makes AP 24® better? 

Peroxides or harsh abrasive systems are commonly used to lighten and brighten teeth. In keeping with NuSkin philosophy of only using the most beneficial ingredients, we decided not to use this type of whitening system. Peroxides can bleach teeth, but they also weaken the enamel, cause permanent nerve damage, and are caustic to the soft tissues of the mouth. Teeth can become sensitive to heat or cold, and mouth and gums can become irritated.

Harsh abrasive systems will clean stained teeth, but they can erode the enamel and permanently scratch teeth. The AP-24 Whitening system uses a combination of three ingredients that remove stain and lighten your teeth without the negative effects of peroxides or harsh abrasives. These ingredients are AP-24, hydrated silica (a mild abrasive), alumina oxide (a polisher), and pyrophosphates.